Founders original photoDr. Irtaza Siddique was born in Budaun in 1929 following his studies at Bareilly College. He was selected by the public Service commission U.P. at Bihar Veterinary College, Patna graduating in 1950. For his graduate work he migrated to the united state in 1959 & received his Master & PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota at St. Paul in 1961 & 1963 respectively. Since 1964 he has been involved in teaching, research & community activities in various capacities at Tuskegee University, Alabama. He has been a professor of Veterinary Microbiology and public health and also served as the department head. He got retirement from the university on May 29 2008 after 44 years of service for his dedication & Service to the university he received recognisation from the governor of Alabama. He was also president of the World Association of veterinary educators 1995-2001. Past President of Foreign Veterinary Medical Association and present president of Tuskegee Veterinary Medical association Besides his academic achievements,

Dr. Siddique has been an ardent supporter of education. He has over the years established several scholarships, assisted many students and donated to several schools and universities.

Dr. Itraza Siddique & Shana Siddique were married in 1954. They are settled in Alabama over 48 years.

Mrs. Shana Siddique was born in Budaun and got her master’s degree adult education from Tuskegee University. She has had an illustrious career in real estate, library sciences & business. She served as a vice president of whole sale Jewellery Company.